Friday, May 21, 2010

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day Thirty-Nine (The Awesome Face Sandwich)

The "Awesome Face" Sandwich by Spencer

After a "grueling" day at school, Spencer needed to be recharged. Energy source? A sandwich made with Spelt Right Artisan Bread. And, now, here is Spencer's description of his remedy...

"First you take two delicious slices of Spelt Bread made by my mom. Next put mustard on one half and mayo on the other and do not be shy with either. Then put like 6-8 layers of ham on one half. Next on top of the ham put 3-4 pieces of sliced cheddar. After the cheddar add on layer of tomato. Then cover it with 2-3 layers of lettuce. Next slab on enough pickle and onion slices to your liking. Top it off with the other piece of bread, and .... VOILA!
<-- 'Awesome Face' (look it up) The only con is clean up, uhg. :P "

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