Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day Forty-Three (Rosario's Pesto and Spelt Right Pizza Dough)

I was foraging in Whole Foods - Portland, MAINE trying to drum up some ideas for the Lunch Box Chronicles. Lucky for me, I ran into Rosario (I have no idea his last name) who who was sampling his wheat pizza dough and pesto sauce that he sells at Whole Foods and stores from Damariscotta, Maine to Portland, Maine. I asked Rosario if it was alright if I tested some of his pesto on Spelt Right dough and he was willing. I purchased some pesto along with some other ingredients to test on other recipes (Fig Paste (see Day Forty-Two Post) and Whole Foods In-House Made Mediterranean Salsa (will be posted tomorrow).

The result with Rosario's Pesto? Delicious! It made the crust crispy and flavorful.

Ingredients: One Spelt Right Pizza Dough (thawed and fully risen), Rosario's Pesto Sauce.

Preheat oven to 400-450. I used a pizza stone, but you can use a baking pan. Stretch or roll out pizza dough, spread Rosario's Pesto Sauce. Bake until done. Yum!! Two thumbs up!!

As a variation, I also added goat cheese, sliced grape tomatoes, and caramelized onions to one of the pies.

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