Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day Thirty-Four (OMG! THE PERFECT PITA ON THE GRILL) (Vegetarian Day 7)

Today we accomplished our goal of 7 vegan/vegetarian recipes, though we will be posting many more. For future posts, we will note on the title if the recipe is vegan or vegetarian.

Today Emma and her friend, Adam, were inspired by the Lunch Box Chronicles and decided to make some great dishes. It is very cool to watch two high school seniors getting culinar-ily (word?) inspired. I have to wait for the ingredient lists and directions of two of the recipes (strawberry/blueberry tarts and onion/pepper/garlic/special sauce pies) before I post them. But, you can look forward to some great recipes over the next week. In the meantime, I will provide you a new way to make a pita bread. We've made it in the oven before, but this is even better.

Pita Bread on the Grill!!

Ingredients: One or two Spelt Right Dough balls, fully thawed and doubled in size. Cut each dough ball into 8 equal size balls. Lightly dust a peel with corn meal. Roll out the dough into very thin rounds, as thin as you can go without making the dough transparent. (Having thin, evenly rolled out dough is important to make this recipe work)

Pre-heat grill to 400F. Place rolled dough on grill for 1-3 minutes (should start to rise), then flip to other side. Wait one or two minutes and then check open the grill cover. Dough will PUFF. Just BEAUTIFUL....After they're done, you can cut them in half and then stuff them with just about any culinary option. We'll give you some ideas in future posts. Here are the pictures.

SPELT RIGHT dough is the best!! Ask Hannaford to carry it! (We thank the many Whole Foods in Maine, Mass, CT, and RI that are already carrying it, along with Lois' Natural, Royal River Natural Foods, and Bow Street Market in Maine.)

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  1. This is a wonderful starting point for any number of creations. We should've easily concluded you could use the product for pitas but we had never thought of it. Thanks for the recommendation!