Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spelt Right Chronicles: Day Seventy-Six (Smiling Spelt Right Bagels by Steff D.)

Well, I typically do not post faces on this blog (have you noticed?).  Just hands and fingers and food, but I am making an exception here for Steff Deschenes, who posts her face on FACE BOOK nightly, opening her nightly dinner feats to her readers.  Steff is also the author of "The Ice Cream Theory," The reviewer in the Portland Press Herald is endeared to this book, calling it "a cozy, upbeat book that tells us a lot about people -- vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, even pistachio -- and how we often interact. Most of all, it offers fresh, insightful looks at ourselves. Seldom has a book with ice cream as its central metaphor been so endearingly warm."  AND, the book has won at least 10 indie book awards.   I haven't YET had time to read it, but it is at the top of my list. 

Steff is full of good energy, positive karma, and incredible drive for one who is 25 years young.   Imagine writing a book by 25 years young? 

Also, Steff is doing a little fund raising to help market her book.   Check out her site and, if you are so inclined, send her a buck or two or twenty.  Such good energy deserves support.

Here's her Spelt Right Recipe for the night.

Cucumber and tomato sandwich with Vegenaise on a Sesame Spelt Right bagel.

PS:  Kind of curious that a vegan, or almost vegan, wrote a book about ice cream....more reason to check out the book.

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