Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day Seventy-Seven:The Perfect Maine Trio for a Very Hot Day (Spelt Right Sesame Bagel, Kate's Butter, and Fieldstone Farms Red Raspberry with Champaign Fruit Spread)

Today was HOT, is HOT, and promises to continue to be HOT.   HOT is not so great when you need to make 2,000 + bagels in a day in a non climate controlled bake house, but who is complaining?  Really, I'm not.  I'm just hot.  And tired, having worked a 9 hour day, packaging bagels, organizing the freezer, and cleaning the bakery.  But, the neat thing about today and this weekend is the YARMOUTH (MAINE) CLAM FESTIVAL.   I used to poo poo the Clam Festival, behaving a bit baahumbugish, but yesterday at the annual CLAM FESTIVAL parade, a change overcame me, a good one at that.

After another busy day at the bake house, I trudged up Bridge Street to Main to join my family for the PARADE.   I was preparing to poo poo the event, feeling really that I was above all this frivolity.  As I watched the bands, the kiddie paraders (keep on jumpin' Angus!), the endless mini cars and trucks from the Kora and Shriners, the pageant winners, the float winners, the emergency vehicles, the stilt walkers, the antique cars, the cheerleaders, and the various other ordinary folks entertaining the crowds, I could feel the PASSION.  And, I felt moved.  A little like the Grinch whose heart began to grow.  And, then looking around at all the vendors, artisans and craftsfolks (many of whom are friends and acquaintances) displaying all types of wares:  applesauce (Hey There Pastor Chuck), embroidered bird T's (nice work Whimsy!), Peace T's (way to go Meg + ALI), incredible fruit spreads by Fieldstone Farms (great to see you again David) it occurred to me that this annual festival is driven by passion.  And, passion is what makes the ordinary EXTRA-ORDINARY.   And, really, what is life without passion?

So, despite the hot and long days at work, I step back and realize I should stop kvetching about Spelt Right Baking because it is also driven by PASSION. 

And, today's dinner, a Maine trio, compliments of Fieldstone Farms, is a SPELT RIGHT sesame bagel (toasted), Kate's Butter, and Fieldstone Farm's Red Raspberry With Champagne, all natural fruit spread.  The perfect light meal for an extremely hot and busy day.

  I first tried Fieldstone Farms at the New England Products Trade Show.  I became a fan immediately. David Jones, who owns the company with his wife, Brenda, is a really nice guy AND this fruit spread is PHENOMENAL.  David and Brenda's niceness is somehow transferred into every jar of these amazing products.  If you haven't tried it, you should treat yourself (the Red Raspberry with Champagne is my favorite).   Here's their website.  Fieldstone Farms website.

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  1. Wow, I just noticed that Tim spread the jam in the shape of a heart around the center of the bagel....Hmmm, that must mean something!