Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day Sixty-Nine (Spelt Right Bagels with Lobsta!)

I am posting twice today because the Fourth has been an awesome day with family and I'm a bit delinquent on the posts.  The first "recipe" is a Spelt Right Everything Bagel with some of the best lobster salad I have ever had. 

The other day I received an email from Phil of Derosier's Brewtopia Trading Co. in Freeport, Maine asking to sample Spelt Right Pizza dough for possibly including it on their menu.   After delivering bagels, breads, and dough to Royal River Natural Foods and Bow Street Market in Freeport, I made a quick stop at Derosier's.  I was expecting a large fancy glitzy place to fit the glitziness that has become Freeport (what happen to the campiness of Bean Boots?).  Instead, I found a small family owned mom and pop grocery/pizzeria/scoop shop with pictures on the wall dating back to 1905 when the Derosier family started the business.   Phil proudly shared that DeRosier's is one of the few family businesses remaining on Main Street in Freeport and that it has been in his family for five generations.  It was either his "great great" or his "great" grandfather who started the business.  Seeing the pictures on the wall reminded me of George's Market in Adams, MA, the market founded by my father's father in 1915, but now, long gone.

Having become enamored with the Deroiser story, I ended up giving Phil two pizza doughs, a sample bag of Sesame Mucho bagels, and a few stray Everything Emmas.  I then asked him if he could make me a lobster sandwich on an Everything Emma.  He kindly offered it as a fair trade. What a treat!  Truly the best tasting lobster salad I have had, ever!  Now, I was only going to take a bite, but it was way too good to save, so I took a pic with my Blackberry - slightly blurry and half way eaten, but the best I could do.

I'm not sure if Derosier's will pick up Spelt Right as a dough.  It may or may not be the perfect addition to their shop, but one thing I know for sure, I will be visiting Derosier's again for a Lobster Roll, but because I am such a spelt fan, it will likely be BYOB, bring your own bagel.   As for my readers, if you are in Freeport, and are looking for a great quick lunch, stop by Derosier's on Main St.

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