Monday, July 26, 2010

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day Eighty (Maine: The Way Life Should Be)

I should NEVER EVER complain about living in Maine, and, if I ever do during one of those long winters, remind me that I should NEVER EVER complain about this state.   It is simply beautiful!  We have incredible beaches just a stone's throw (If you have a great throwing arm) from where we live.  And, vibrant Portland with its cobble stone streets, world class restaurants, and bustling waterfront is just a 15 minute drive.  The Spelt Right bake house is in a historic mill enveloped by the Royal River which powers it.  And, if I were a skier and a hiker, I might mention the hills and the mountains, but I'm not so I guess I won't mention them....
AND, the LOBSTERS....I truly want to be vegetarian, but there are a few things that keep me from making the commitment.  Did I mention the LOBSTERS at $3.99 -$5.00 per pound, please.....AND, how about the fresh Haddock purchased at the Portland waterfront caught that morning?

Dinner on this beautiful Maine night.   Lobsters, Spelt Right Bread Sticks, Shipyard Beer (for papa).  The kids and mom were satisfied with filtered Maine tap water from Sebago Lake. 

Ingredients: Maine lobsters, Spelt Right Pizza Dough, powdered garlic (we love Frontier), extra virgin olive oil, grated Parmesan cheese, Shipyard beer

Lobsters: We get the lobsters pre-cooked so will leave the directions for someone more experienced.  Spelt Right bread sticks: One Spelt Right Pizza Dough, fully thawed and risen, extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, pre-grated Parmesan cheese.  Pre-heat oven to 450.   Roll out 10-20 dough sticks, roll dough in EVOO, then sprinkle with garlic powder, then roll in Parmesan cheese.  Bake until brown on bottom.  Turn over and continue to bake until lightly brown.
Beer: pop off cap

PS:  I might complain just a little bit about the mosquitoes, but then again, I can be thankful for the simple curing powers of Witch Hazel....ohhh, my kids just love that name.

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