Friday, April 30, 2010

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day Seventeen (Empanada)

This recipe got a thumbs down the kids and me, so I am not going to share the painstaking directions. I attempted to make a South American empanada, but somehow it didn't come out as planned. The short of it, we shredded sauteed chicken with spices, boiled eggs, green olives and onions all chopped in. Made great empanada shapes, and whalaa, made dry funny tasting weird textured stuffer. Spencer's comment "what are the eggs doing in there?" Tim's comments, "well I didn't really give it a thumbs down, more of a thumbs sideways." Emma, "I didn't try it, but the blueberry one was good." I was too tired to try it, but the next morning I did. Verdict? Thumbs down. I need one of my South American friends to make another batch of these so we can save face.

Oh wait, NEW FLASH, Tim just had one for breakfast, added Mother's Mountain Habanero Heaven, Deadly Pepper Sauce, and said, "Hey, this is good!"

Saved by Mother's Mountain. Still need my South American friends to help with this one. Rommy, where are you?

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