Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day Five (Black Bean and Mango Spelt Stuffer)

Black Bean & Mango Spelt Stuffer

Dad and our two youngest, 12 and 8, made this new version of the classic fitayer (see earlier posts). We took a poll over breakfast and decided to go with a vegetarian Latin theme today. So, after a day of errands and exercise, we got down to work.

Starting with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we sauteed some garlic and finely chopped onions with salt and pepper. Then, we added some rinsed organic black beans, sauteed a bit more and put aside. We made six balls out of our thawed spelt pizza dough. After flattening into round disc-shaped circles, we put some beans on each, chopped chunks of Australian cheddar cheese, and a few small slivers of mango. For good measure, we put a dollop of Salpica all-natural cilantro green olive salsa. Yum! Getting everything satueed, cut and opened ahead of time made the preparation really quick. Be careful not to overfill (it's tempting) because you won't be able to make your triangle folds. We also found that the warm beans made the dough really soft and a little harder to handle.

Kids gave it a rousing two thumbs up!


  1. Dad is doing a great job while mom is out promoting Spelt Right products. I miss you guys!

  2. Are the rinsed black beans canned beans? I mean they could not be dried beans, could they? Why were they warm? If they are canned, then they don't have to be cooked ... or do they?

  3. The beans are canned rinsed organic black beans. Dried beans would have taken more work and time than dad could have managed. They were heated when they were baked (I think) or maybe he sauteed them a bit in a pan before putting them on the fitayer. This is Tim's recipe so I am doing a little guess work here! Thanks, Beth

  4. I checked in with Tim. He used canned beans, drained them, and then sauteed them with whatever he sautes them with.

  5. PS. These really need to be heated to enjoy. Not my favorite when cold. Not my favorite thumb sideways from the peanut gallery over here.