Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day Forty-Nine (Shrimp wrapped in Spelt Dough)

This is not one of my favorite recipes, but I think there is hope and will try it again with fresher shrimp.  We sauteed some frozen Maine shrimp with garlic, EVOO, white wine, salt and pepper.   Something about the shrimp simply wasn't flavorful.  Perhaps, the shrimp had been thawed and refrozen one too many times.   We added cranberries and a little bit of tomato sauce to try to sweeten it up.   We then wrapped the shrimp, cranberry mixture with Spelt Right dough.  I'm not going to give all of the instructions because there are much better recipes in this blog than this one.  Result: Thumbs down from Beth, but the comments from the Peanut Gallery (Tim that is) are that "I thought it was pretty good.  It aged well.  I ate one when I got home and it was good!"  I looked at him and said "You must have been pretty hungry when you got home."  His response, "I was."  I love Tim for always being the optimist.  My recommendation simply is don't try this one at home.

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