Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day Fifty-Three (Simple Pleasures)

OK, it has been much too busy this week, even for me.  Tho' I should not complain when orders are on the rise.  Just have to figure out how to balance it all.  20 some-thousand bagel order.  All day demo at Hannaford Kennebunk Saturday.  A gazillion guests coming for Emma's graduation/birthday party Sunday.  Figuring out a business model that works.  Feeding the little kids dinner, and worrying about big kids out on prom night.  Reading the little one a bedtime story.  And, then there is the logistical stuff (like how do I figure out to how to log on as a vendor for a major grocery chain).  But before I do that, I might need some serious anti-inflammatory meds for my very stiff neck.  "Beth, why is your neck stiff?"  "Gee, I can't imagine, what could IT be?"

In any event, my quick solution for relieving some stress.   Break out the Spelt Right Pizza Dough, and look in the fridge and pantry for ideas.  (I am getting a little loopy here - probably a glass of pinot gris would work better).

The result?  Some quick dessert mini fitayers.

Three varieties:  Trader Joe's Applesauce, Teddie Natural Peanut Butter and Natural Tiny Trapeze Marshmello Creme, and Croft's Four Fruit Spread

Ingredients and Directions:  One Spelt Right Pizza Dough fully thawed and risen.  The ingredients listed above.  This can make at least 10.  Preheat oven to 400-450.  Shape dough in 10 small rounds.   Place what ever ingredients you think might be tasty inside and make a triangle.  BE SURE TO SEAL ALL GAPS or the ingredients will come oozing out during the bake.

Olivia loved all of these, but I definitely overbaked the one with Mello Creme - it nearly exploded.  Check out the pictures.  They are more helpful than my description.   Next time, I am going to try the Mello Creme with chocolate....a variation on a s'more.   Next post - healthier - I promise.

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