Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day One-Hundred and Seven (Salt Free Options at Spelt Right)

For day One-Hundred and Seven, we are not offering a recipe, BUT we are offering greater options for those with health challenges.   We have heard from many customers that they would like a low or no salt option for breads.  While we can not offer this in all of our products, we are working on a few specially designed products for those who need low or no sodium diets.

We currently have a SPELT RYE bread with NO SALT.  These are beautifully nutritious breads - organic spelt flour, organic rye, water, extra virgin olive oil, and yeast.  That's it!!!  

We can adjust other breads to the no salt option as well.  The beauty of our no salt breads is that we are NOT substituting other ingredients (like sugar or fat) to add flavor.  Rather, we are using time honored traditions of bread making to make the best loaves possible.

Please stop by the bakery between 8am - 1pm Monday - Friday (81 Bridge St. Yarmouth, ME) in the old mill on the river, OR call ahead to purchase at other hours (if we are in the bakery, we are open).

Please email us or blog us with your requests for which variety of bread you would like to have salt free.  Soon, we will offer these on-line and, in good time, in the stores.

So, here's to good health.....

Beth and the crew

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