Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lunch Box Chronicles Day One Hundred Thirty-One (Blabbing vs. Blogging)

It was recently suggested that in order to promote marketing for Spelt Right and relay my passion behind this business, I should blog more.

I should do a lot of things more...like sleep more, exercise more, clean more, do my books more, play with my kids more, listen to my husband more.

But, there are also things that I need to do less, and one, as mentioned by my business partner, I need to blab less and blog more.  Clever juxtaposition, but true.  Blog more, blab less.

I need to complain less too, and worry less, and work less, but what this simply reveals is that there is a lot less and a lot more to life.  Perhaps, I just need to count more - count my blessings, count my friends, count my family, and count the endless number of four leaf clovers that grow in our yard.

With all of the great people in my life, despite all of the mores and all of the lesses, there is one guess - and that is "I guess that I am lucky."

As Joan Armatrading sang "I am so lucky that I'm as lucky as me."  Just have to keep reminding myself of that....

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