Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day One-Hundred and Twenty-Eight (Kick-Ass Pizza)

OK, this might not be the proper vernacular for a mommy-type blog, but I just have to say it.  Spelt Right makes a kick ass pizza dough - and Whole Foods Portland makes a super kick ass - pesto pizza with Spelt Right dough known as the Penobscot.

This is so good it should be illegal!  

Having just delivered a boat load of spelt pizza dough to Whole Foods, I was inspired to order a pizza on the way home after running errands.

The picture Tim took is a little bizarre.  It makes the pizza look like it is glowing.  Could this pizza  possibly have a divine purpose?  Is radioactive?  Or is it simply just kick-ass?  In my humble opinion ----- a little of each.

Divine Kick Ass Spelt Pizza from Whole Foods - Portland

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