Friday, July 1, 2011

Lunch Box Chronicles Day One Hundred Twenty-Seven (Country Inns, Bears, Dogs, and Really Nice People)

CALL and SPEAK to a REALLY NICE PERSON!   800-444-9245

You know a place has to be good,  really good when your nine year old remembers the favorite place she visited when she was a whopping 7.

Olivia told me exactly where she wanted to go on vacation.  “For a really special vacation,  I want to go back to that place where there are really nice people, a dog named Teddy Bear, a game room, a pool and Jacuzzi, a movie room, and a really great breakfast and it is right near Story Land.”

Now, this might sound like one of those all inclusive glitzy resorts, but really it is just home away from home – a great big house with everything you would want in your own house, and an extra set of parents to boot – Linnea and Rod are super hosts.  When you call, you will speak with one of them – some really nice people!!!

If you are looking for the perfect safe and comfortable place to bring your kids, I highly recommend the Old Field House Country Inn in Intervale, NH. One visit and you will be hooked.   The living room is a perfect place for the adults to relax and share stories, while the kids gallivant in the floor below between  the game and movie rooms.   Soon, all guests become friends, playing games together, eating together, sharing stories, playing with the resident dog – Teddy Bear,  and ooohing and awwwing the resident black bear – now duly named Teddy Dog.

Olivia and I love this place.   We visited 2 years ago,  brought some of our Spelt Right bagels to share, and enjoyed all that the Old Field House Inn had to offer.  We were surprised when we returned two years later that Rod and Linnea remembered Olivia (who could forget?), and our Spelt Right bagels and story, and asked us about our entrepreneurial adventures over the past two years.  It was like visiting old friends and catching up.   Pretty remarkable!

So, if you want to get away from the stresses of being home, but have the feeling like you are home AND you would like to meet a bear named DOG and a dog named BEAR, we highly recommend a trek to a place slightly off the beaten path.  As Longfellow recommended, take the road less traveled....


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