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Lunch Box Chronicles: Day Eighty -Eight (Guest Chronicler Steff Deschenes - A bagel with the fixins' and a story!)

Here is a post from one of my FAVORITE fans, Steff Deschenes, and the author of The Ice Cream Theory
About the picture:
I'm always looking for a filling, nutritionally beneficial snack that taste awesome and will sustain my energy (and metabolism) levels for long stretches of time since I'm always on the go.  My latest, favorite food that does just that uses Spelt Right bagels.  I take a Spelt Right bagel, toast it, and spread a thin layer of Tofutti "cream cheese."  I then sprinkle walnuts and raisins on it, and top it all off with a drizzle of agave syrup.  It's vegan, it's organic, and it tastes DIVINE.  I have a part time job as a beer model, so I'm also super calorie conscious.  This great bagel has 400 calories (including ALL OF THE FIXINS' on top) and while that may seem high, I'm not concerned because every single calorie is made up of GOOD stuff.  Good for your body, mind, and soul; good for you!  And believe it or not, the body really does react positively to food items, regardless of calories, that are made up from organic, plant-derived ingredients made from people who care!

The write-up:
Over a year ago I made the decision to live an organic, more sustainable lifestyle.  For me, it seemed that the best way to do this was to focus my attention on what I was consuming.  I decided that I was going to transition my lifestyle into being 65 to 75% organic, locally-sourced, and vegan-oriented.

As a result I had to ret each myself alot of gastronomical and lifestyle habits.  I eradicated from my palate both sea and land animals, eggs, and the majority of my dairy content (I have a bit of an addiction to ice cream and cheese - I consume both on a much smaller scale than I once did [and smaller still every day], but they're still present, in serious moderation, in my life); and, from my day to day life, I removed any products that contained any animal byproduct or were tested on animals.

It was a huge change, but one that ended up being perfect for me!

As I've become more educated and experienced in these lifestyle choices, it now baffles me how well we take care of our homes, or cars, or computers, or even our hair and make-up, but how thoughtless we can be towards taking care of ourselves.  Everything we put into and onto our body is incredibly important, effecting how our bodies operate.  Everything from our auto-immune system, to our cardiovascular system, to our reproductive systems are affected by the things we're consuming or applying.

Knowing full well that our bodies react to what we put into it and onto it, we should be averse to then putting synthetic materials, hormones, pesticides, or any other unnatural junk near us!  This body is the ONLY ONE I GET, so I'm gonna take care of it the best that I can.

I've become quite the advocate for health and wellness.  And while it's clearly easy to preach from a soapbox, I've found the most effective way to educate and encourage friends and family to a physically healthier, more socially conscious, more compassionate lifestyle is simply by cooking for and eating with them. 

As a result, I'm always excited when I find new foods that fit into my personal requirements (of being organic, locally-sourced, vegan-oriented - or best yet, all three at the same time!).  I remember stumbling upon Spelt Right bagels when I was reading the Down East magazine featuring them as the Best of in 2009.  I thought the concept was great - it was a food product that recognized all the junk on the market and was trying to proactively change that.

That's a cause I can support!

I bought my first bag of Spelt Right bagels (Maddie's Choice) immediately following reading the article and fell in love instantly.  Bagels had always been one of my favorite foods, but they also felt really heavy - I could physically feel myself being weighed down after eating one.  Even more so as my body naturally went through the process of purging and cleansing itself from all the years of (unknowingly) eating gunk.  So, I was excited when I discovered Spelt Right, but even more delighted at how absolutely wonderful their baked goods taste!

I've been supporting Spelt Right since that first bite through purchasing their products regularly and by word of mouth advertising.  My family and friends are all now converted, able to recognize how heavy and destructive wheat can be over the excellent qualities of spelt!

And it's organic.

And it's local.

And it's vegan-oriented.

What's not to love about Spelt Right?

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