Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day One Hundred Fifty-Two (I should NEVER forget how much I love my kids!)

It took an inquiry from Jim, a good friend visiting from Maine, to bring my attention to a poem that 9 year old Olivia had written. "Beth, did you see this?" "No, Jim. I haven't had time."

Then, I realized it was not because Olivia didn't try to show it to me, but that I scooted her away one too many times. "I'm too busy Olivia! Can you play in your room while mom makes dinner, does the dishes, does the laundry, cleans out the cat litter, works on her business, works on her business, works on her business." Gulp! In my rush to be everything, I neglected to see some of the most beautiful things right in front of my eyes. My children. Gulp, again!

Little Olivia is a force of her own. She is a talented writer, has a keen sense of justice ("it isn't fair!!!") and an independent mind. Do NOT expect silence if you cross Olivia. She will give you a piece of her mind...and then some.

But, she is also a kind hearted trooper. She has been trudging along since she was 5 watching as mom often disappeared for what seemed like endless moments into the morrows of her business - day after day, morrow after morrow. Sometimes, it just hurts. She told me so.

But, she also expresses how proud she is. "My mom invented something. She created Spelt Right." And, she says that with pride, even though under her breath she grumbles about that demanding sibling - the one that doesn't talk back, or poke fun, but the one that grabs mom's attention, moment after moment, day after day, 'morrow after 'morrow.

Like with any sibling rivalry, there is love there too. And, in the piece that Jim discovered crumpled on the couch, Olivia expressed her love for that sibling.

Here's her poem.

"Spelt....what is spelt? Spelt, is not smelt or some sort of felt, its a grain a healthy scrumptious grain. Spelt is easier to DYGEST and here is the rest. No more stomach aches and no more pain just as long as you eat this grain. How can I get spelt product? Here's how. Just go to wwww.speltrightbaking.com now!" Olivia

No recipe with this post. Just a hug and kiss and a squeeze for Olivia - today, tomorrow, and forever.

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  1. A much needed reminder from another busy Mom. Thank you