Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day One-Hundred and Twenty-Six (On Turning Nine Twice)

Olivia’s 2nd Ninth Birthday

Turning 9 is awesome, especially if you get to turn 9 twice. 

Olivia has had a tumultuous year between switching schools and having many transitions at home.  Age 8 will be memorable for her, but not for warm and fuzzy reasons. 

Mom was distracted often – trying to get her business to rise like a helium balloon, but often feeling the lead weight drag the balloon and her down with it – and dodging the pin that is ever present to burst that balloon. 

Grandma suffered many health challenges and moved in and then moved out of our house.

Mom was distracted again – making some major transitions in her business plans while managing  Grandma’s health crises, and cleaning out and selling Grandmas’s house.  

Dad was doing all he could do to support all of the chaos, while maintaining a sense of semblance.  

Emma was tucked safely away in college, able to avoid much of the fracas. 

And, Spencer dealt with the stress in a creative sweet fashion: he has become the in-house cake-boss.  He often spends free time planning the next cake he will make.

Cake-bosses are handy when you need to have two birthdays for turning 9 because your parents barely could swing a real birthday party on your real birthday (See Lunch Box Chronicle Day One Hundred Twenty-Two) and it took them more than a month  to fit  in a wild kid party. 

But really, what is in a date?  Isn’t it about the feeling, the hope, the joy of being born and then celebrating that birth whenever and where ever.  That leads me to think, we should celebrate our birthdays every day, forget just once or twice a year.   But, in order to keep our girth in check, we should reserve the cakes for just 10  or 12 of the celebrations,

Hopefully, Olivia’s 9th year will be less tumultuous than her 8th year.  By the looks of the picture, she is off to a good start.

And for the spelt cake recipe……we will have to wait for 13 year old Spencer to disclose his secrets!