Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day One Hundred Sixty Two (Eggplant Whateva' Text Style)

This is called a text recipe. 

It is from a friend from whom I often request quick recipes.  I have modified it to make it slightly less criptic.  Hope you enjoy.

Message:  Any ideas for quick recipes with leftover fresh mozzarella and fresh ricotta?

Reply: peel slice eggplant....flour [with Vita Spelt] and egg the slices...fry lightly in olive oil...drain...place pomi [homemade tomato sauce] in pan....layer in cheeses [fresh mozzarella, fresh ricotta from Teitel!]...eggplant...top off with pomi,grated cheese and mozzarella...cover and cook slowly or put bake pan in oven (at 350F for about 20-30 minutes)....bon apitito.

Reply:  TY Wz Gd, CU later.

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