Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lunch Box Chronicles: Day One-Hundred and Eighteen (On Being GOOD)

Scanning world events, I remind myself that I have very little to complain about.  Japan and its honorable people have been swallowed by a big wave; the unleashing of nuclear radiation is an unimaginable horror; the turmoil in the Middle East continues with airstrikes against Libya and the unending wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The world is turning upside down.  Those of us sensitive to its woes feel the sting even if we are not personally experiencing it.

And despite all of these horrors and feeling the sting only from afar, I am thankful for a moment with a bit of normalcy, a moment when you feel the world is o.k., just because there are good people and good events and good things to eat.  

GOOD.  That is how a friend described me today, and that simple description made me smile, while temporarily placing my personal challenges aside and keeping the onslaught of world events at bay.

GOOD is GOOD.  It is important to reflect and appreciate that GOOD people exist even in the midst of world chaos and personal struggles.   The GOODNESS magnifies the more it is shared.

It is the GOOD in others that strengthens us during challenging times and the GOOD that we can offer others that can help ease their pain.

Today, I received two very special gifts from some very GOOD people.  One is a gift certificate for a massage with my favorite Masseuse from two folks in the banking industry who have watched as I have tried, sometimes with success, but mostly with many roadblocks, to build this passion I call Spelt Right Baking Co.   The other, a much bigger gift, was a life boat, and a line of oxygen, to help me stay afloat while I enter unchartered territory to grow this business that has become my obsession.  For all of these, I am thankful.

Today's very GOOD recipe.  Grilled veggies inside of a Spelt Right Pizza Dough Bun.   Fully thaw and rise a Spelt Right Pizza Dough Cut into 8 equal balls.  Slightly flatten balls, coat lightly with EVOO, and place on grill.  Once browned on one side, flip and brown the other.  Make sure bread is baked through through.   Grill vegetables to your preference, add  goat cheese. Yum.

And appreciate that GOOD FOOD is EXTRA GOOD when made with Spelt Right.  For the health benefits of SPELT, please check out this link

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